A Bingo Guide for Beginners

By the year 1929 a game called “beano” was saw being played wherein there is a card with numbers being marked off with dried beans or a rubber stamps was saw and played with friends of Edwin Lowe and the word ‘Bingo’ was born.

It was played by crossing off numbers in your cards when you heard the announcer declared a number that had been called out. The aim of the bingo game is to cross off all your numbers in one or two lines first before anyone else for you to get the prize.

Different Types of Bingo

There are different types of bingo that vary and different from the number of numbers on each ticket and the number of numbers that were called.

90 ball Bingo

There are 15 numbers on every 90 ball bingo ticket that arranged by a 9×3 grid. There are three ways of winning term used in this kind type, the 1 Line win, 2 Lines win and Full house win.

1 Line win – players need to cover off a complete horizontal line on their card.

2 Line win – players need to go for two horizontal lines that don’t need to be in line with one another but it should be in the same card.

Full House win – players need to mark off all the numbers on their cards.

75 Ball Bingo

Is just like the 90 ball bingo that you need to cross off all the numbers being called. In this type, the cards or ticket has 5 horizontal and 5 vertical lines, wherein each column on the upper part is headed by the letter spelled as ‘BINGO’. There are some ways of winning in this type that includes or same ways like the 90 ball type of winnings.

Coverall – try to cover all 24 numbers on the card.

Line Wins- covering a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Bingo pattern wins – patterns or shape are being declared at the beginning of the game that the player will aim to cover in their cards.

80 Ball Bingo

A game that has 16 numbers arranged into a 4×4 grid with different colors and many ways of winning.

Line wins – marking off horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.

Pattern wins – you can win by marking the pattern announced before the game start.

Special Bingo Games

This is a type of bingo games that have been enhanced or commonly found on online sites wherein instead of using traditional cards, they use emojis in an Emoji Bingo, or in Burst Bingo that you need to pop or burst balloons.


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